Air regulation technology

3J-IOL Air regulation technology education platform

Use of air regulation technology equipment:

Pneumatic system’s control-, utilization- and assembly work using components and attachment methods of the industry.

After completing the exercises:

  •  The student understands problems related to pneumatic regulation technology
  • The student can solve these problems in schematic form
  • The student is able to produce couplings corresponding to the solved problems by utilizing industrial work- and attachment methods on industrial components.

Education platform contains:

  • Perforated base plate as the training platform
  • 32 exercises and a versatile and wide range of components required
  • Large amount of coupling and attachment equipment
  • A case for components and other material

Educational material:

Exercise workbook, which contains a theory portion of pneumatic control technology and plenty of anomalous idea rich work exercises from the industry, in which problems are presented clearly in sequence diagrams, beginning from simple tasks to advanced control technology problems. Exercise groundwork and problem solutions are included in the material.