KNX building systems

3J-KVT / KNX Building bus technology

With the help of KNXs real estate bus technology training equipment, the installation and operation readiness of the bus-controlled electrical and measurement / control network, which is becoming more common in current properties, is being practiced.

The equipment consists of a group control panel module that controls consumption / applications via the KNX bus, controlled by switching and control signals from switches, thermostats and sensors.

After completing the tasks the student can:

  • is able to outline the structure of an electrical, heating and automation system implemented using the KNX real estate bus
  • identify different types of bus components and masters the concepts associated with them
  • masters the connection of signals related to KNX bus communication to various bus components with the help of the manufacturer’s datasheets
  • is able to build a real estate bus application into a functional entity using the learning material supplied with the equipment, electrical drawings and the manufacturer’s data and internet pages
  • hardware installation, wiring and programming work is performed with real tools and methods.


  • on the floor plan of an apartment building mounted on a vertical profile frame
  • group control module including RCD, Circuit breakers, terminal blocks, required KNX bus components and locked main switch
  • required KNX switch, thermostat and control components
  • hardware control can be implemented remotely via the Internet, for example with a tablet computer (tablet is not included in the price)
  • installation, wiring and connector accessories required for installation

The training equipment consists of real electrical installation components.

Study material:

Textbook / exercise book

Hardware operating instructions

Technical information