Sensor technology

3J-SLK Electronic proximity switches


With the help of the electronic proximity switches training equipment, the student acquires basic skills that will enable him to cope with the installation and maintenance tasks of the proximity switches commonly found in automation control technology. The study package also introduces so-called examination of sensor quantities for proximity switches. The structure of the tasks are focused on creating the capabilities needed for practical installation tasks.

After completing the tasks the student is:

  • able to independently choose the right type of proximity switch for the required identification task and environmental conditions
  • can perform the mechanical and electrical installation of the proximity switches, the adjustment measures and the connection to the control system
  • is able to read electronic circuit and wiring diagrams
  • is trained to search for and rectify possible malfunction

Training equipment includes:

  • training platform with voltage source unit, x- and y-slides with scales, pneumatic actuator, terminal blocks, cable trays and signal indication switch types; mechanical limit, inductive (3 pcs.), capacitive, programmable optical (material and mirror detector, transmitter / receiver pair), fiber switch, magnetic switches (reed and magnetoresistive) and ultrasonic switch
  • various target objects
  • installation and wiring accessories.

Study material:

  • E-learning material
  • Performance-focused exercises with solutions
  • Technical information